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Peacocks, Printing & Perfect Bedding: My Indian Sourcing Adventures

I just got back from an epic trip to India, and I'm dying to share with you all about my adventures. This trip was all about collaborating with the amazing people at our supplier who bring our designs to life.

It was my first visit to India and I was flying solo - let's be honest, I was a little nervous! But guess what? It went swimmingly.

Travelling solo is actually liberating. I feel really proud of myself for pushing outside my comfort zone and I can't wait for my next adventure!

This trip wasn't just about sightseeing; it was a deep dive into the heart of sustainable production. It was about meeting the amazing people who transform my vision for a luxury 70s sleep sanctuary into a reality, all while ensuring the process is kind to our planet and its people.

My adventure kicked off in Delhi, where I finally met the fantastic team at my Weirdstock supplier. As expected, everyone there was super welcomin. It was so special to put names to faces and see the creation of my products first-hand!

We're all about GOTS certified organic cotton at Weirdstock. That means not only is the cotton farmed and milled in the most environmentally friendly way, but also the labour and social implications of the supply chain are held to strict standards. Workers' rights are protected, and sustainable practices are prioritised throughout every step.

My trip to India was a chance to see this commitment to ethics in action. From the very first meeting with my supplier in Delhi, I was impressed by the dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Witnessing the meticulous quality checks on all the Weirdstock printed fabrics was fascinating.

The Art of the Block

After several day with my supplier in Delhi, I took a 5 hour car journey towards Jaipur, but first stopped at Bagru village in Rajasthan. This little town is steeped in skill and tradition.

I learnt all about traditional print methods like dabu, also known as mud resist - where mud mixture is applied on the fabric using blocks before dying to leave behind patterned negative space.

I even had a chance to create my own block printed fabric sample in the studio and opted for bright colours and swirly retro patterns for a more Weirdstock vibe.

We're not using any of these techniques in Weirdstock products right at this moment, but it was super interesting to learn about it and see how I can incorporate this into our designs in the future.

The Pink City

After my Bagru pitstop, I headed to beautiful Jaipur, lovingly known as ‘The Pink City.’ Here, I explored shops filled with handmade goodies and met with potential new suppliers. Jaipur was all about exploring, researching different crafts, and uncovering hidden gems that might inspire future Weirdstock collections. And of course, stuffing my face with incredible food and soaking up the sights – the Amber Palace is seriously jaw-dropping! I’m not exaggerating when I say I literally gasped when my eyes clapped it for the first time. Also - these archways, this hallway covered entirely of tiny mirrors - I mean, this is maximalism at its finest. 

The Delhi Finale

With a new lease of life and fresh inspo, I hit the road again back to Delhi. 

I spent a productive day back with our supplier. Witnessing the meticulous quality checks on all the Weirdstock printed fabrics was so exciting. It was also incredible to see the finishing and assurance teams in action, meticulously ensuring every piece meets our high standards – exactly what we need to deliver the grooviest sleep setup for our customers.

Speaking of ideal sleep setups, for my last few nights in Delhi, I decided upgrade from the budget accommodation I’d been staying in and treat myself. I stayed at a beaut of a hotel tucked away in North Delhi, complete with lush gardens, a gorge pool, and the even RESIDENT PEACOCKS! It was a little oasis amidst the Delhi honking, the perfect retreat after long days finalising production details at the factory.

I spent my last day exploring Delhi's rich history. Humayun's Tomb is a stunner! A proper feast for the eyes with palm trees, gorgeous red sandstone and geometric shapes. Then, a stroll through the lush Lohi Gardens was a breath of fresh air, with native birds, ancient tombs, and even some adorable street pups enjoying a chicken and rice feast courtesy of the park rangers (not joking when I say this was a highlight).

Finally, I hit up Dilli Haat market, a treasure trove of handicrafts showcasing the talent of artisans from all over the region. My souvenir game is STRONG!

I can't wait to share the fruits of this journey with all of you soon. Stay tuned for some exciting new Weirdstock products that celebrate the colour and tradition of Indian craftsmanship!

Love & sweet dreams,