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Sensory Design: Creating A Haven For All 5 Senses

Let's face it, homes often get stuck in a rut and the only sensory adventure is the occasional rogue sock under the couch. If you're feeling a bit bored, it's time to shake things up with sensory design. 

Imagine a space that's not just visually pleasing, but an explosion of touch, taste, smell, sound, and even sight. A room that's less "living room" and more "living experience." 

But how do you turn your humble abode into a wonderland for the senses? Fear not, dreamers, for we've got the lowdown on some funky-fresh essentials that'll have you feeling all kinds of good vibes

1. Tactile Treats: Add layers to your home and embrace luxurious textures. Think deep-pile fabrics, soft throws, and interesting surface materials to add intrigue and provide a playground for your fingertips. Consider eco-friendly options made from recycled materials like our Ventura Shagpile Cushion. Available in two nostalgic colourways, this baby is is like a furry hug for your soul. 

2. Silky Dreamscape: Speaking of hugs for your soul, how about sheets that feel like bedtime bliss? Our 100% organic cotton satin weave bedding not only feels like a million bucks against your skin, but it's also a temperature-regulating wonder, keeping you cool when things get hot, and toasty when the nights turn chilly. It's the ultimate upgrade for your sleep sanctuary.

Here's a customer message we received on Instagram not so long ago that absolutely made our day:

"I just had to DM you and say THANK YOU! I experience sensory issues and sleep can be challenging for me with fabrics being too scratchy, too heavy or loose. But then I tried you guys and OMG it's made such a difference. 

Your bedding is so so smooth and soothing and really helps me decompress. I'm actually SO excited to go to bed right now haha. Thanks so much you've no idea the difference it has made❤️"

3. Aromatherapy Adventure: Scents have the ability to totally transport us and alter our mood. Our Duvet Daze Pillow Mist is your ride to olfactory nirvana. A dreamy blend of Tuscan lavender, lemon, and rose geranium, it's like a spa day for your senses. Lavender  has an instant calming effect by lowering your heart-rate. It's been successfully used to treat insomnia and anxiety, and has even been shown to help with period cramps and migraines! Grounding Rose Geranium has been shown to have a soothing and sedative effect, while the uplifting lemon can promote a positive mood and has been linked to improved cognitive function. Spritz a little on your pillow before bed and prepare to drift off to dreamland.

Pillow Mist packed with lavender, rose geranium and lemon essential oils

4. Plantastic Power: Mother Nature knows a thing or two about sensory delights, and that's where houseplants come in. Not only do they add a splash of groovy green to your decor, but they're also air-purifying powerhouses, sucking up those nasty toxins and indoor pollution. Plus, studies show that being around plants boosts your mood and creativity – perfect for when you're feeling a bit artistically blocked. So grab yourself a funky fiddle-leaf fig or a trailing philodendron and let the good vibes flow. Our friends at Plants By There are our go-to spot for house-plant shopping in the UK (the'yre sustainable and peat-free too!)

Bonus Tip: Don't forget the power of taste! Fuel your mornings with a coffee in bed ritual. Not into coffee - make it interesting with a Cacao ceremony à la Angela Scanlon.  

Add in breakfast in bed: blueberry pancakes, anyone? Filling your home with delicious smells is another fantastic way to engage your senses. Peace out, groovy gourmands! ✌️

Remember, sensory design is all about creating a space that's as unique as you are. Don't be afraid to experiment with different textures, sounds, and smells. Throw in some lava lamps, crank up the tunes, and let your freak flag fly! Your home should be a playground for your senses, a place where every corner is an invitation to explore and delight. Now, go forth and design joyfully!