Weirdstock's Tips for a Wondrous Sleep

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Weirdstock's 8 Tips for a Wondrous Sleep

Ah, sleep. The glorious escape, the fluffy friend, the ultimate recharge. But in this land of late-night scrolling and day-job anxieties, catching those blissful Zzz's can feel like chasing a desert mirage. Fear not, Weirdstock's here with a toolbox of tips to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary!

Colourful two tone bedroom in olive green and peach, with bold retro geometric printed Weirdstock bedding and a retro Miss Wong painting by Tretchikoff

Embrace the Organic Oasis: Ditch the polyester purgatory and dive into the luxurious comfort of our 100% organic cotton bedding. Not only is it gentle on your skin and kind to the planet, but its natural breathability helps regulate temperature throughout the night, keeping you cool in summer and toasty in winter. No more tossing and turning in clammy discomfort – just pure, dreamy bliss.

Scent Your Way to Slumber: Lavender, lemon, and rose geranium – the sleep-inducing holy trinity from our Duvet Daze pillow mist. Lavender's calming aroma eases your mind, while lemon's zesty citrus lifts any lingering stress. And rose geranium? It's like a warm hug for your overworked brain, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety. Spritz your pillow just before sleep and let the soothing scents lull you into a peaceful slumber.

Weirdstock Duvet Daze Pillow Mist with Lavender, Lemon and Rose Geranium in a retro bottle with aesthetic packaging

Dopamine Decor Dreams: Let's face it, staring at bland beige walls isn't exactly sleep-inducing. Inject some life into your bedroom with the power of dopamine decor! Paint a bold accent wall in your favorite hue, invest in quirky patterned curtains, or add pops of color with vintage rugs and funky artwork. Studies show that surrounding yourself with vibrant colors like blue, green, and yellow can boost your mood and promote relaxation, preparing your mind and body for sleep. And of course, our retro printed bedding is practically dopamine on fabric!

Beyond the Bedding:

Lighten Up: Ditch the artificial glow! Dim the lights in the evening hours and avoid screens at least an hour before bed. Natural light during the day helps regulate your circadian rhythm, so open those curtains and soak up the sunshine!

Weirdstock Sunset Suite Retro 70s inspired printed organic cotton bedding

Tech Timeout: Give your brain a break from the constant notifications and blue light bombardment. Power down your devices at least two hours before bedtime and create a tech-free sleep zone in your bedroom.

Rhythm & Routine: Go to bed and wake up at roughly the same time each day, even on weekends. This helps set your body's internal clock for optimal sleep.

Move Your Body: Regular exercise can work wonders for sleep, but avoid strenuous activity too close to bedtime. Gentle yoga or a pre-dinner walk can be perfect for winding down.

Mindfulness Matters: Stress and anxiety are notorious sleep stealers. Calming activities like meditation, deep breathing, or reading a book before bed can help quiet your mind and prepare for sleep.

Remember, creating a sleep haven is a journey, not a destination. Experiment with these tips, find what works best for you, and let Weirdstock's organic cotton comfort become your bedtime best friend.