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Passport to Dreamland: Your Groovy Bedding Now Ships Globally

As of January 2024, we are now trialling international delivery to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the EU.

Here's all you need to know about sizing, shipping, customs and more...

If you're shopping from any of the above countries HOORAY - you're in luck. The relevant shipping cost will be added to your basket at checkout based on your order's weight and worth. While it might seem a little high, that's because we've already squared things away with customs, no need for surprise shakedowns at the door. Think of it as a VIP pass to dreamland, no extra tickets required.

We've partnered with DHL, the creme de la creme of couriers, so your order will get to you quickly and safely. You'll be ready for snazzy snoozin' in no time.

Your 70s Sleep Sanctuary... In the Right Size

Did you know that bedding and mattress sizes vary from country to country?

So before you hit the 'buy' button, it might be worth grabbing that measuring tape and making sure our sizes work for you.

We use UK standard sizing across our range.

Fitted Sheets:

Double: W137cm x L190cm x D32cm

King: W152cm x L200cm x D32cm 

Duvet Covers:

Double: W200cm x L200cm

King: W230cm x L220cm


UK standard: W75cm x W50cm

International Returns

Unfortunately, as a small business, beaming your far-out finds back from across the globe isn't quite within our cosmic reach. We wish we could cover the return trip, but for now, the cost is on you!

Sample Sale Scores: These babies are final! Think of them as limited edition grooves, meant to stay in your collection.

Tag Team: returned items must include any tags and/or original packaging

Fresh & Fly: We love well-loved threads, but would appreciate it if you could send those sheets back looking fresh. No wrinkles, stains, or funky smells please!

We REALLY hope you love your Weirdstock goodies and don't need to return. But if you do, follow these tips and your international return will be smoother than our satin weave 😉